Redefine your organisation, pivot and take action based on strategic insights & an outside-in perspective on the new normal...

Facilitated by top facilitators, online tools, proven methods, our rebootcamp is a short format helping you to get to quickly generate tangible outcomes in the light of the new normal. 



  • Confront yourself with the latest insights and ideas on the impact of the COVID crisis on organisations and markets and study future possible scenario's. 

  • Design three scenario's specifically for your sector/organisation, using the back casting method 'Stories for Change'.

  • Step away with a blueprint of your new normal and a structured set of goals, objectives, strategies and actions.

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Future Dialogue

  • Interviews with your top 20 employees / clients/stakeholders on their future (Delphi method)

  • Analysis based on SOON futures framework

  • 0,5 Day Future Dialogue Session with your core team, clients and stakeholders to confront your organization and your stakeholders with relevant insights based on Delphi and SOON futures framework

Co Creative Scenario Design

  • 0,5 Day Future Scenario Design Session with your colleagues. Based on proven methods we generate input for navigating the new normal.

  • We translate the insights from both sessions into a deck outlining the new future of aspects of your organization.

Interactive Debrief

  • Presentation of the strategy deck in an interactive webinar to an audience of your choosing to generate feedback on your future outlook..



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Soon is a new coalition between WeLoveYourWork and Minkowski merging the strategy and insights capabilities of WLYW and the facilitation, tools & methodologies of Minkowski. Together we provide top talent and years of facilitating future and innovation strategy experience for Banking, Media, Leisure, Retail, Technology Building & Project development, Energy and Cultural Sectors...


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